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Link to Bank page

Click link below to give and make payment for CD's/Books or love gift to Askof orphanage or to GloryPeople.;
When you click the link it will open a page for you to enter your personal details followed by your payment information and card details to enable you to send money to the Glory Bank. Account at HSBC Basildon.
If you prefer to make a bank payment he account details are Henri’s Evangelical Revival Association Ltd
sort code 40-09-17 account no 11389149


First Select Campaign drop down and choose either
GENERAL for love gifts and donations to the Glory People funds
ASKOF for donations to the Orphanage or the Church in Ghana
SALES for items purchased from the Glory Shop

Then add your personal details

Select Claim Gift Aid if you want us to collect tax back from the UK government

If you are buying from the shop add what you want from the shop into ADD A MESSAGE box this will enable us to know what to send to you.
Then add up the cost for your total order and fill in Donation details in the I WANT TO GIVE BOX

Then press continue button

Then fill in your card details and press continue

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