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Henri Staples

The Praise Cure

I remember I had the joy of the Lord when I was first saved, but it kept dwindling. It came to a time when I could not get it back, and then God told me, the only way you are going to get delivered Henri, is to start Praising. God told me there are certain things in your life, which have got to be put right, there are certain things you have to do.

When God's done all He can, we have to do something ourselves. I thought if only I could get back to the joy that I had, when Smith Wigglesworth was at Preston. I was down on my knees and the power of God was coming down, I was prayed for and it came on me and I couldn’t stop. It was time for us to come home from Preston to Mansfield and they pulled me away. I've never forgiven them for it, because it was so lovely, so real and I was tasting something of heaven, That was in the 1930’s, I came home with the joy of the Lord, but I didn’t get right through into victory.

I never got another release like it, there were no Glory Meetings then. There were other meetings but they didn’t hold me like that was holding me. Brothers and sisters how I longed to get back to that place for years and years, I had blessings, little ones, but not the lot. The joy came into my soul on occasions, but the people around me didn’t encourage me, because they didn’t know what was happening. Nobody bothered to help me enter into the Spirit and I didn’t get right through again. God told me distinctly that I needed deliverance and that I had to make my mind up. It’s not how good you can be that gets you to heaven, it’s His precious blood.

It was in 1948 that I was restored to God. I'd been saved many years, but as we sang that old hymn " There’s Power in the Blood" that same power delivered Henri. I was playing the piano in a dead Pentecostal prayer meeting. I was hungry so hungry, and the power of God hit me and I fell of the piano stool and started Holy Rolling. I couldn’t speak English for a week I was on fire.

‘There had to be some power in Jesus to deliver me. Brothers and sisters just as there is power in the blood there’s power in Praising God that’s what set me free

There’s a big difference is in this way, we can do nothing but submit ourselves to God. Repent and the times of refreshing shall come in your soul. I did exactly that and God told me, this is it, now start to praise me, you’ll get rid of all the things you want to and I’ll fill you with my wonderful Spirit. So I started to Praise God and He delivered me completely and I’m still praising Him. If you’re really saved, sinners feel a difference in you. I’m a brand new man, I’ve found it, it’s real. It’s real.

I realised God had called me. When you have found God in a real way, you’ll be put to the test and have to toe the line according to His word. Choose you this day whom, you will serve. Oh, I thank God, I chose God. I had a challenge in my life, I was called of God and I yielded to the Spirit of God. We constantly have to make decisions for God. I tell you, the joy and peace that comes in our souls when we say yes to Him. We are not our own, we are bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus.

Oh God, I pray in the beautiful name of Jesus that you’ll so move in old time power, on everyone who reads this, that they will give their all to serve Thee, with all their heart, to bring about a mighty Holy Ghost revival. Quicken every soul, that Thy will be done in every life.

I thank you Lord, for the years you have been with me and that I’m more excited today, than I’ve ever been in my life and I know it’s getting better, I pray you’ll do something wonderful in all our hearts. Help us to work out our own salvation, with fear and trembling, knowing that the King is coming and we are going to meet, Him, in all His glory,

Keep praising Him pals,


Love Henri.

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