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Where we meet


Our conventions held over the UK are the main events in which we gather together. By having dedicated times, we make a concerted effort to come together to seek God’s Face.

We have an annual summer convention, held at the end of July. This is presently held in Peterborough and by far our largest convention. It is the one time of the year where all associated with the Glory People who are able to travel come together.

We also host meetings on the South Coast, South West, East Anglia and North Wales. We also host one night ‘Revival Meetings’ upon invitation. We often plan our meetings months in advance so people can make arrangements to come.

Noak Bridge Christian Centre (Basildon, Essex) hosts three Glory conventions at Easter, October and New Year. There are meetings there on a weekly basis. There are also meetings in the Newark On Trent Area - this is linked to the origins of this ministry, where Henri Staples hosted weekly meetings which still continue.

Many of the individuals who come to our meetings also host house meetings and smaller meetings all over the UK - if you would like to get in contact with any Glory People in your area, please contact the Glory Office.

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